Dept. of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences / Kyushu University


ET_AEE is a new educational-tool program that calculates several tasks related to the topics of Architectural Environment Engineering aiming at undergraduate students. However, ET_AEE probably seems to be useful not only for undergraduate students but also graduate students, engineers and researchers. ET_AEE provides above-mentioned calculations on a user-friendly interface, in otherwords, Graphical User Interface, GUI.

Angle Factor
Angle_Factor is a small and fairly useful program that calculates the point-to-plane angle factor with intelligible dialog boxes aiming at GUI. Angle factor is sometimes called as "projected ratio of solid angle" or "view factor". We are proud of Angle_Factor's marvelous capability, which may be helpful to engineers, students and researchers. Background theory, applied in Angle_Factor, is so called the Chasing Locus Method. Angle_Factor provides a user-friendly interface, in otherwords, Graphical User Interface, GUI.

AUSSSM Tool is developed to support a demandof the various levels of user froma practicalframe until a research level toestimateUHI in the field of urban climatologyrelatedto building scale. The principalpurposesfor using are shown as the following:
It useful for climatological researchersor experts who require the sensitive-latentflux at the top of boundary layeras theboundary condition of mesoscale heatislandstudy in detail.
It also useful for a practical frame suchas urban planning practitioners,architectsand so forth for investigating thedesignparameters which reflect the UHIeffectsin easy way.
It is easy for administrative affairs toconsider and investigate about thepolicyof UHI relaxation in the field ofurban planning.

MCDM-23 is a smart tool that automates some of thetasks involved in using the Multi-Criteria Decision-Making method developed bythe International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Program(SHCP) Task 23 when you want to compare two or more building design schemes. MCDM is a well devised methodology and MCDM-23 is its computer tool to support your decision making in a design process that requires you to take esteem on design, environment, cost, urban context and other various criteria at the same time. Our laboratory gave birth to MCDM-23 in a circle of international collaboration. The effort we have done dedicates to IEA SHCP Task 23 through thedevelopmentof MCDM and MCDM-23.

Albedo Calulator version 0.1 Albedo Viewer
The smart tools have been separated into2 portions: the Albedo Calculator and the Albedo Viewer Web-Application. The former deals with a user's demand whohas a particular input-condition. The solveris 3D numerical model, which provides the calculation of urban albedo. Whereas, the latter responds very quickly via our web-siteif you have a possible input-condition that has been considered within the database. The data base are aquired through a huge amount of numerical experiments tomake clear factorial effects on Albedo such as building size, height and its variation, road width, surface reflectances of wall, roofand road.