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MCDM-23 Version 0.3

What's MCDM-23H

MCDM-23 is a smart tool that automates some of thetasks involved in using the Multi-Criteria Decision-Making method developed bythe International EnergyAgency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Program(SHCP) Task 23 when you want to compare twoor more building design schemes. MCDM isa well devised methodology and MCDM-23 isits computer tool to support your decisionmaking in a design process that requiresyou to take esteem on design, environment,cost, urban context and other various criteriaat the same time. Our laboratory gave birthto MCDM-23 in a circle of internationalcollaboration. The effort we have done  dedicatesto  IEA SHCP Task 23 through the developmentof MCDM and MCDM-23. 

The end products of the program are worksheets,bar charts, and associated star diagramsthat quantify how various design schemesstack up according to criteria selected bythe user. There are two situations whereMCDM-23 will be a valuable tool:  

In both cases, MCDM-23 will provide an organizedstructure within which to make an informeddecision. The tool facilitates the processby automating routine tasks. MCDM-23 doesnot make decisions--- it leaves that to humans.

If you want to know more about MCDM and MCDM-23,The official web site of IEA SHCP Task23 has detail.


There are many advanced features preparedin this software such as default value optionfor inputting conditions, comprehensive helpfunction, and so on. These are reinforcedby so-called GUI feature to support usersunderstanding. Moreover, this software packagedoes supply not only an executable form but also a setof source codes. This would strike users as useful, sincehe can customize the program in linewith his needs by editing original source codeswritten by Visual Basic and Fortran.


If you want to try the latest version (ver.0.3) of MCDM-23 (zip condensed, 8.0 MB),you can download the install shield&packagefrom here for free. MCDM-23 is not copy protected. Anyone is free to use, copy, or modify the program. The source code is included on the distribution package. The developers request only that they be referenced and that the origin of the program in IEA SHCP Task 23 be acknowledged.